1. Make a yummi breakfast! Are you a sucker for waffels or maybe eggs and bacon? Don’t sleep in too long, put some good-feeling music and get it going. Mmm, imagine the smell of fresh waffels or pancakes…Ah mah gad!

2. Make yourself FRESH! Put lipstick on if you want or wear a tie for work. What ever! Dress nicely in something you like and be ready to recieve compliments! And if you don’t get any, oh well, tell yourself! YOU ROCK!

3. Plan your day. What do you want to do today? You can do whatever you want! You can go to the gym and have a great workout, quit your job or make a dinner with some friends.


4. Walk to work. Breath and inhale the air from outside into your lungs. Look around you, and look up! Did you end up seeing something new? Did you get inspired by some apartments you looked into or did you see some beautiful flowers in someone’s back yard?


5. Be happy with yourself! Find reasons why you are good enough and tell yourself over and over again. Need some motivation? Rent an inspiring book at the library and expand your perspective.

6. Make everyday special! CARPE DIEM!!! Big things like deciding to travel the world or small things like visiting your grandma or asking your friends to the movies.

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7. Listen to music and danceeee. Make your mom, sister, grandma or anyone you know dance with you! Feel the music and just daaaance


8. Drink lots of water, and eat food that make you feel good. Think about all the things you put into your mouth everyday and reflect how certain food makes you feel. Do some notes if you want and start developing a certain lifestyle with the food you love and the food that makes you feel good in your mind and body.


9. Find your self a new hobby! Spend less time watching netflix for hours. Start reading, buy some pensels and paper and explore your creative sides. Are you now thinking: Naaah, I can’t paint. Stop it! We are all creative in our own way. Our fear of failing or not beeing good enough at new things stops us from becoming even more great! Be open, take chances and be playful!!

10. Stop caring about what other people think! Okay, this one is hard, but SO important. I am still struggeling with this, but I try to always work on it. You will feel free, happier and so good if you are able to stop caring too much about what other people think about you and your way of living.


Hope you got inspired!


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