These twenty one points are things I’ve learned in twenty one years. I do not know if they will make sence for me in some years, but at age 21 these are some of the things I have learned. Have a look and see if you have the same ones?

1. You can choose the people you want to have in your life. Do you have some friends that make you feel bad? Stop hanging out with them, and hang out with the ones that make you laugh and feel good.

2. Nobody knows what they are doing in life. Haha, I love this one! I often think “everyone knows what they are doing in life”, but they don’t really have a clue when you ask them!

3. Never reject love when it comes around.

4. Take care of the people you love and care about, and show or tell them that you love them!

5. Work with the things you are not happy about. It can be your mindset, your body, your confidence or personality. You can do it!

6. Dream BIG! Imagine your dreamlife, figure out how you can get it and DO IT!


7. Carpe Diem!!! Everyday is a new day, and you can do whatever you want to do. Dress nicely, buy ice cream or start a new hobby!

4. Take chances! Love! Talk! Explore! Risk!


9. Give a little bit of fuck. Stop caring, thinking and worrying to much.. It will make you feel more free!

10. Follow your heart, always!


11. You are you! Live your own life, find your own happiness and be happy with yourself.

12. Go travelling while you are young! I know, I am still young. But it is so easy to forget. We often think we have to start “the adult life” too early and I want to remind you that you can wait if you want. Go see the world! You won’t regret.

13. Don’t work to hard at work or school. Always do your best, but don’t spend too much time studying for a test. There is alot more in life than spending all your hours with a computer.

14. Be honest and direct to people. It makes everything so much easier!

15. Don’t expect too much because you can get disapointed. It’s better to not expect too much. In that way you will get suprised and it will make you more satisfied.

16. Go out of your comfort zone. Make a blog, start painting, go on a date.. It will give you more wisdom, more experience and after some time more confidence!


17. You don’t know what other people need, want or feel at all times. Sometimes we let our own needs and wants take over, and we think that we know what’s best for other people. The truth is that we all have our own path and life, so try not to let your own needs go in front of other people’s needs and wants. Help them and give some advices, but don’t be mad if they don’t do what you would have liked them to do.

18. Be spontanious and impulsive sometimes! Think twice at certain things, but let yourself be impulsive every now and then as well.

19. Take what you wanted in the first place. Craving for chocolate ice cream? Buy it, and don’t buy strawberry flavor because it’s cheaper. Haha!

20. Say yes, yes, yes! BUT! Be aware of your own needs as well.. Do what you want to do, but are you in serious doubt say yes! You might have fun!

21. Everything will have a sulution and be okay. Live. Be open. Don’t worry and smiiiiiiiiile.


Hugs and lots of loooove


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