There is one thing I highly recommend bringing if you are heading out to travel somewhere and that is definitely a disposable camera! I freaking loooove those cameras. They are small, easy to carry around, cheap and the best part is that it helps you to capture all your best moments! I have used disposable cameras for several years now, but unfortunately not the last year… Totally regret not using it now because there will be one year missing in my scrapbook! Normally I use one or two a year. I absolutely love the simplicity of a disposable camera. It’s so easy nowadays to take pictures with our phones and cameras, but we often take too many pictures and most people probably never really print any pictures out either, right? That’s why this little baby is such a treasure!

Here are some of my shots from my last couple of years. I bought a sketch book some years ago and decided to use it as a photoalbum and glue all the pictures from the disposable camera in it. In that way I can easily have a look at the pictures if I am having a bad day, feel nostalgic, happy, grateful, or when I need motivation and inspiration! Anyways, I am sure you will find one of these babies most places around the world! So, time to get out there and get yourself one to collect your best moments! It’s so much fuuuun! Enjoy, sweethearts!


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