There are numerous of reasons why I choose to travel. In 21 years I have experienced a lot of places and countries, and I feel so grateful for that. I have alwaaays loved to travel, and I have always been dreaming of the next destination, the next adventure, the next place to see.. But maybe you don’t understand why traveling is so magical? Well, here are 6 reasons why you should get out there and travel & why I choose to go over and over again.

1. To meet people
Traveling connect you to people from all around the world! I actually met one of my bestfriends today while staying in a hostel for a couple of days in Gili Trawangan. While you are on vacation or abroad you will definitely get to know someone! Be open and curious – and voila! You have a new friend or two!

2. To learn
One of the main reasons why I love traveling is that you learn so much! I have learned so much about everything from traditions to the population of a country while traveling. There is one thing to learn about this at school, but it’s totally different to see and hear things from people who actually live in a country. The things you learn when you travel will be information that you won’t forget right away because you have a face, place or situation to connect it with.

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3. To see the world and everything it has to offer
The world has SO much to offer! Everything from amazing waterfalls, cliffs, mountains and rivers to beautiful beaches, trails and desserts. Visit the old pyramides in Egypt, go see Matchu Pichu, go on top of the eiffel tower or swim with turtels in Indonesia. Ah maaah gad, the world is such an amazing place.

4. To grow as a person
If you travel, you will grow as a person for sure. Everyday will be a new day filled with new adventures, but also challenges. You will get to know people with lots of different views on life, you will need to take care of yourself, and get in touch with people from other cultures. You will get to know yourself in a whole different way, and it’s all amazing and frustrating at the same time.

5. To appericiate what you have 
Seeing the world will probably make you feel so grateful, at least if you are from western countries. The world has a lot of different sides (dark and light ones) and we can all agree that the world is unfair, right? Some people have a lot, and others are struggeling just to get food on the table. Traveling might and hopefully make you appericiate all the goods that you have back home.

6. To open your mind and get perspectives
Number five leave us to number six. When you travel you will get tons of new perspectives on life, on yourself and other people. Traveling opens your mind in magical way. You will not be the same, but you will develop and see things with new bright eyes. There is nothing like it in my opinion. Use the perspectives and wisdom to change something for the better.

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Well, I guess there are tons more like: Food, music, hugs from strangers, feelings you have never felt, a new piece of clothing and language. The list goes on.. Anyways! Time to get some flight tickets or whaaat?

Love Aida


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