Aight, time for some change! Finally! Been waiting for this moment for too long! Haha! Another adventure is waiting for me, and even tho I am trying to keep travelvibez as informative as I can, I allow myself to publish some personal posts sometimes… Today I want to check in with you and talk a little bit more about dreams, and how to keep going even if you meet resistance. You know the saying… When life gives you lemons, make lemonade? Yea? Alright, that’s exactly what I am talking about!

Life sometimes surprises and gives us challenges we never thought we would have. Life takes some crazy turns sometimes, and it doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing! I experienced this myself not long ago when I got a call saying that┬ámy studies got canceled this spring. Suddenly I had all these opportunities again, and instead of feeling sad about the fact that they canceled and I had not other actual plans, I decided to make the most of it and book myself a new solo trip! I do not want resistance to stop me, and I recommend you to do the same! Find other solutions, use your second chances and maybe it all happens for a reason? The reason why I want to share this is because I really want more people to chase the unknown, discomfort, their biggest dreams, endless adventures, information and experiences to develop and grow as a person. The more knowledge, wisdom and experience, the better!

Hope you find this useful and that you decide to take the step out there regardless of where and what you are experiencing in life. Always dream, and don’t let resistance stop you! Okay? Good! Have a wonderful day!


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