You will find a beautiful island, Isla Holbox, north west of Cancun in Mexico. Holbox is a dreamy island with beaches whiter than most places. With it’s calm sea side you can chill in the shallow water and enjoy the sun for hours if you want. The beach is mind-blowing and the island itself is truly amazing. Definitely has to be some kind of idea on what paradise would look like. Punta Mosquito is a must do when you visit Holbox. It’s a beach that only occurs when it’s low tide, so make sure to go early in the morning! Punta Coco is also worth a visit during the evening to catch the sunset. You can get there by foot, bike or with a golf car. Yup, Holbox only has golf cars as transportation. Definitely worth renting one or take a golf car taxi if you ever visit. So much fun! Holbox is one of my favorites on my trip to Mexico and I highly recommend you to take time to go there if you have the chance. I mean, look at this place! Breathtaking!


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