Hawaii is probably on top of my list of places I want to live. It seems like such an amazing place with not only good beaches, beautiful nature and weather, but also a place with such a chill, easygoing and free lifestyle. I have watched countless videos on Hawaii and I must say that it really seems like paradise. I feel like Hawaii is my kind of place for sure. Anyone who has experienced Hawaii? Would love to hear what it’s like!

New York.
New York, baby! Surprisingly enough New York is high up on my list of places I want to live one day. I visited for the first time last year, and I loved the energy and vibe that this city has! Such amazing and dreamy city with lots of opportunities. After my visit I couldn’t stop thinking about the city and all that there is to see and experience. New York has it all, and it would be truly amazing to live there for some months or even a year.

YES please! Europe is definitely something special, and Barcelona has a piece of my heart for sure. Only been there two days in total, but I remember both times that I fell in love with the city and thinking that I would have to move there one day! Love that you have the big city life, as well with the beach. Both of best worlds!

I am still dreaming of the all the jazz bars, restaurants, second hand shops and hidden places that I missed last time I went to Copenhagen. Such an amazing city! Absolutely love the biking culture in Copenhagen and of course all the boutiques and good restaurants. Definitely on my list of cities that I want to live in one day!

Barbados, Costa Rica, Italy, Indonesia…  The list goes on!
What kind of cities or countries are you dreaming of living in?


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