Remember I wrote: 2018: Choose happiness? If you haven’t read it yet, check it out here: 2018: Choose happiness . Lately I have been dealing with this exact issue. I have had a hard time choosing the right thing for myself. I definitely need to put more focus on this and I thought why not share some thoughts on it with you guys on today’s post?

I feel like we grew up learing that we should not be selfish or be too proud of ourselves. Hold the good stuff back. Be you 80%, but not 100% because it’s too much. Right? No, no, no. Let’s not get stuck in this trap. We sabotage ourselves by doing this. We should be ourselves and be proud of what we do and all the things we are bringing to the table. Nowadays we can’t do shit without being scared of getting bad reactions from others. We are scared to dream and work hard for something we really want because we think too much about what other people might think of us. We care too much about other people’s opinions and we just need to stop. Focus on what’s important for you, and make things happen!

I need to be more selfish, and maybe you do too? Let’s focus on ourselves. Let’s create our own happiness. Choosing something because you feel like you should or have to won’t make any of us happy I’m pretty sure. I think a lot of us are putting other people’s needs in front of our own ones. We tend to seek approval from others all the time. We want people to like us. We are scared of doing something stupid or different that people will talk about, and we might even choose not to do anything at all because of this. We sabotage our own life by letting other people’s thoughts and feedback affect us, and it doesn’t really do anything good, does it?

I am ready as hell to just do whatever I want to from now on. With respect for other ofcourse, but you get my point, right? No more bad guilt for living the life I want to live. Fuck it. Let’s be ourselves! Be you! Put your confident on and show the best version of yourself. You feel me? Ahhhh yea!

Big hug and lots of love


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