The earth is our home, and literally the most beautiful thing ever, right? So with that being said I thought a post on what you can do everyday to help the environment and make the world a little better would be a good one! It’s really important that we reflect and think about what we all do in our lives: What choices do I make everyday? Are they¬†beneficial to the earth, to our home? Let’s face it, it’s easy to forget that we are a part of something bigger sometimes. It can be hard to imagine that we actually make a difference, but we do! Each one of us! And I must say it is such a good feeling to contribute to keep the world clean, pure and as beautiful as it is. So, what can you do to contribute? Well, here are 5 simple love acts that you can do to the earth in your everyday life!

Think about what you buy
This one might be easier said than done I guess. Especially for people in the western world. We have access to so much all the time, and as the market is growing, so are our needs. We need this and need that, and we tell ourselves things to make it reasonable to buy a new pair of pants every week. Well, is it? Try to think a little bit more about what you buy and maybe you will end up buying a little bit less!

Always bring a tote bag
Bring a tote bag when you do your grocery shopping! Always remember to keep a tote bag in your purse or backpack, and save the environment by buying a plastic or paper bag everytime you go to the supermarket or somewhere else where a bag is needed. I promise you, it’s so handy too!

Such an easy way to contribute to the environment. Recycle paper, glass, food, plastic and other garbage. If you havn’t done it before then just get started. When you are doing it, it’s such an easy way to continue! Takes no time and gives you a good feeling every time you take out the garbage!

Sell, give away or hand in your clothes, shoes and furniture
I love this one, because it can be such a fun thing to do! I am a little bit lazy when it comes to sell things online, but it’s such a cool feeling when I actually make an effort and make a couple of extra $$$. If you have clothes that you don’t use, but don’t want to spend time selling, give it all to a second hand store or to some of your friends! If you have clothes or fabric that is worn out (carpets, sheets, clothes, etc) put it in a bag and hand it in to H&M! They use the fabric again and make new clothes out of your old ones! BAM, win win!

Use puplic transportation, walk and use your bike
Easy peasy! Grab your bike, a longboard or use your legs and get going without polluting! It’s not just good for the envoirment, but also really good for your own health! It might take a little bit more effort in the beginning, but you’ll get into it in no time. And if you need to go far, jump on the bus or take the train!




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