One of the things I am really grateful about in my life is that I am free. Free to do whatever I want to. To be free is such a privilege, that some people only can dream about. I can travel, study, work, move, get married with whoever I want, speak up if I want to, make my own decisions and the list goes on… You know the feeling when you ride a scooter on a hot summerday, decide to go for a nightswim with your friends or when you buy yourself a ticket to a new destination and you just go? That’s freedom to me. As well as having a job that I like, chose the people I want to hang out with or who I want to love, what I want to eat or how I want to dress. I am free to be me, and that itself is a huge privilege.

I wanted to pop in here with a late night (or day) reminder that if you do have this privilege that I have, use it for all it’s worth. Be the person you want to be, go all the places you dream about, study one or two or three times, or maybe none if that’s what you want. Travel, meet people, quit your job and get a new one if your not happy about the one you have, work alot if that’s what make you happy. Develop and grow, dream and set goals and live your life the way you want it to be. And remember to be free doesn’t always mean to have zero duties and no responsibilities. It might mean the opposite. All I am saying is that if you are lucky to be free, then be. You have the freedom to choose your own direction! Get to know yourself and don’t you worry too much about what everyone else is doing or saying about what you are doing.

Ask yourself: What is a happy life for me?


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