I read a lot of blogs for inspiration! I have certain blogs I check reguarly, and others I check every now and then. There are so many creative people out there and I love getting inspiration from different people around the world. I thought it could be nice to share some of the blogs I really enjoy checking out at the moment, and maybe you will find yourself a new favorite!

A norwegian girl based in Bali sharing beautiful pictures and writes about veganism, travels she does and life in general. Go check her out for some real food inspo or if you feel like getting some travelvibes. She writes her posts in norwegian and english!
Instagram @ melissaschof

Norwegian girl living in Norway. Been following her blog for years! She used to live in Singapore when she attended high school, and I (ofcourse) found her blog truly amazing. I still enjoy checking her blog out for some workout, food and cloths inspiration! Mathilde is also writing in Norwegian and English!
Instagram @ mathildene

Found Therese’s blog last year, and I found it really inspiring! Therese is a Norwegian girl who writes about all the places she visits around the world. She also shares her reflections of life, and I can always connect with her thoughts. Her blog is written in Norwegian.
Instagram @ theresehoffhansen


Janni Deler
Next up: Janni Deler from Sweeden. Most of you probably know her through instragram, her blog or her boyfriend Jon Olsson. She always has such amazing outfits shooted with the coolest backrounds. She and Jon travel all the time, and she shares all the adventures they do around the world.
Instagram @ jannid

Emelie Natascha
Swedish blogger, based in Barcelona. Her stunning outfits, happy smile and inspiring pictures make you want to travel and see the world! She has also made some real epic videos from Sri Lanka, Zanzibar and Hawaii. Ahhh, it always makes me want to travel when I watch them
Instagram @ emitaz

Anniken is a norwegian blogger with the most beautiful texts.  I always admire her writing skills and her beautiful pure message. She does everything different, and it’s so inspiring how she takes her own path. Check her blog out for outfit inspo, travelvibes and deep thoughts.
Instagram @annijor

Do you read any of these blogs? No? Well, go check them out! If you have any blogs you like or maybe you have a blog of your own, please shout out! I want to read more!!

(PS: All the pictures are taken from the blogs except from the featured image)



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