Malta, what a pretty island! And of course I need to mention Gozo and Comino islands too! Three beautiful islands located in the Mediterranean sea with beautiful (but rocky) beaches and plenty of colorful doors wherever you go. I looove unique doors and I cound’t stop noticing them even after a whole week on the island. The people of Malta was really friendly, and they were always making sure everything was good at all times. Ah, such a nice place. Malta is small, but there are plenty of things to do. We made sure to see lots of things on the coast down from Valetta and all the way to the top of the island. There was plenty of beaches to explore, cute towns, restaurants, clubs and activities to do.

Ryanair had really cheap flights from Norway during this summer, so that’s definitely something to check out next summer if you are dreaming of a visit to Malta. Oh, and I highly recommend to rent a scooter and explore Gozo or Malta on your own. Getting around with a scooter when traveling is my favorite way of transportation. You get to see so much and you can make stops whenever you want!


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