You might wonder what your purpose in life is as a twenty two year old person. Or a nineteen, twenty three or twenty five year old person. Let me tell you this: Your not alone. There are so many thoughts and questions during the twenties and as a teen, and it might feel overwhelming sometimes. But don’t worry, we’ll get there. I feel confused at times too, but in this particular moment I feel good and my thoughts are clear. So I thought that I should give you one advice that I really find helpful and that is: To try. I guess the only way you can actually figure out what you want or not want in life is when you try something out, right? Try to study medicine, math, culture or maybe psychology? Work as a teacher, a nurse, as an influencer, as an artist, an entrepreneur, a designer. Check out all the things you are curious about!


I, myself, have tried lots of things the last couple of years and I don’t regret doing so. I’ve been working as a barista, in a clothing and grocery store, in a resturant, as a lock keeper, babysitter and the list goes on. I’ve done so many random things, and I have absolutely loved to get knowledge from all of the things I’ve done. I always try to think about this when I do something: One thing leads to another. That job, that study, that friend, that stranger, that year abroad, that trip, that feeling. Every thing counts for our next decision. Everything we do matter for what’s next.

There are always a lot of decisions to make and sometimes we don’t even realize that we made some decisions that lead us to where we are right now. Be brave and try, try, try. Everything that interests you, gives you butterflies, makes you nervous, excited, uncomfortable. It all matters, right? Anyways, what do you think about this?


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