Hi sweeties. How are you all doing? I am currently in Los Angeles and I finally have some time to sit down and make another post. This time I’ll do must do’s in Los Angeles. Later on, I’ll do a post on what you can expect from LA before visiting. It’s not only fun, glamor and beauty that you most likely would expect. Los Angeles definitely has tough and difficult parts too. I think it’s important to put light on that too, right? So stay tuned for another post in not too long! But first, let’s talk about the fun parts, shall we?

I started my travels in Los Angeles with my bestfriend and I am now ending it by myself. Huge difference to stay here by yourself contra with another person. LA in my opinion is a place to visit with someone and with money. The more money the better, haha! Everything costs here. Expect to spend money if you want do all the fun and touristy attractions (Universal Studios of Hollywood, Disney Park etc). Plenty of attractions here, so you have lots of options to have fun! Personally I havn’t really done either of those since I never really travel that way by myself. I always prefer to wander around, check out nice places to eat, explore cool neighborhoods and talk to locals. I have to say tho, that it’s a little bit harder here than other places I’ve been, but definitely possible if you are open and outgoing.

Anyways! Places you shouldn’t miss out on is Hollywood & Beverly Hills (to see where all the rich, famous people live or to go clubbing), Venice beach and Santa Monica. Venice beach is definitely a favorite of mine. Venice has huge variety of people. The diversity is reaaal. People hang out all day doing whatever they want. People follow their own vibe over there. No jugdement – Only Love! I LOVE IT! Santa Monica is also worth a visit. Walk along the beach from Venice to Santa Monica and check out Santa Monica pier. It’s about 20-30 minute walk. About two blocks from Santa Monica pier you’ll find an outdoor mall which is really nice to check out if you want do some shopping.

Then you have Malibu. Malibu is worth a visit for sure. With it’s beautiful rocks and cliffs it’s a perfect place to go if you want to surf or hang out at the beach. Manhattan beach is also a nice beach together with Hermosa beach. Hermosa beach has good selections of food. The spot had amazing vegatarian/vegan food if your into that. Then you should definitely hike The Hollywood sign if you have the chance. It’s such a beautiful hike during sunset and probably at sunrise too. Sunsets in Cali are amaaaazing. Make sure to catch one when you visit. I have also heard that Griffith Observatory and Melrose Avenue are cool places to check out. Have fun, okaaay? Hugs


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