Ai ai! I am so excited, but also nervous to post my first video on youtube! I have made a short travel movie from 2016 with some of the best moments I had in Australia, Asia and Central America ++. I met so many amazing people during the travels I did, and many of them are in the movie. I been going back and forth for a long time thinking about if I want to post this video or not. Well, today I decided that it’s about time, and that there is no point of not doing it. I guess life is to short to not take chances and let fear stop you from doing things. Fear is always there, but we can always choose if we let it affect us or not. Today I choose to just do it, and say bye bye to whatever fear wants. Haha! Cheeeers!  
I really hope you guys like it, and I would love to hear what you think of it! And oh, by the way, I am an amateur in editing and filming. But hey, thought it turned out okay for a beginner to be? BIG HUG


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