After staying in Los Angeles for about nine days in total, I got a pretty good essence of the city. Before coming, I had this idea that LA would be nothing but amazing. I have heard and read so much about the city from bloggers, friends, random people I’ve met on my way and of course I’ve experienced the city through TV. I had never explored the city myself, so I was really excited to check it out and see it with my own eyes. And funny enough, it was not as expected. Therefore I thought it would be cool to write a post about my LA experience (and put light on some of the negatives too) and maybe it will make you a little bit more prepared if you are planning a visit.

Los Angeles has huge variety of people, no doubt about that! There is as I mentioned in the post about New York so many people who struggle in the streets in all the big cities in America. LA is definitely been the worst place that I have seen this trip considering homeless people. Really, there are so many everywhere. Makes me so sad to see and be a part of. There are for sure huge differences between wealthy and not wealthy people. I have never seen so many fancy cars, rich people, big houses and expensive stores together with homeless, struggeling and poor people in one place. The differences are huge and so easy to see if you ever visit. Taking the public transportation really made me realize what Los Angeles can really be like.

Another thing is the dirt and pollution. Los Angeles is dirty. There is a lot of trash and dirt everywhere. But it definitely has hidden treasures too if you look for it! Anyways, really mindblowing to see other sides of the city when all you ever see online is pretty sunsets, cute restaurants and good looking people. And oh, LA is BIG! Remember that! There are lots of places to explore and see, but impossible to do without a car or spending hundreds of dollars on uber. Public transportation sucks and isn’t even worth a try. Trust me. Do not go to LA without a car or the UBER app. It’s a must! Haha!

Okay, I really hope this post help you to prepare for you trip and that your experience in Los Angeles will be as good as possible. I am always grateful for every adventure and every experience I have. Really happy I finally got to see Los Angeles with my own eyes and who knows when I’ll be back.. Have a good day, sweeties!


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