One thing people always talk about is new years resolutions. Some find it stupid others really like it. I always enjoy to sit down and write some, but I don’t really care too much if I accomplish them or not. For me it’s just a reminder, and some time for me to sit down and think about what I want to focus on, places I want to visit or things I want to learn or accomplish the upcoming year. For me it’s all about reflection! Am I really where I want to be? Do I surround myself with people I want to surround myself with? What do I want to focus on this year? Where do I want to travel? On what kind of areas do I want to get better? I try to ask myself these questions during the year as well, to make sure that I always feel like I am doing what I want to do.

Anyways, let’s take a look at some of mine this year: Eat even more plantbased food, travel a lot, learn spanish, study, make new friends and take care of the ones I have, grow and develop as a person, be more creative, dance alot more and as always enjoy life and have fuuuun! What about you? Do you have new years resolutions?



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