Hi sweeeeties. Guess what? I have finally booked my first ticket for my big adventure this fall! I’ll be heading to New York in September! So exciteeeed. I have been waiting for the right moment to book for a long time. There are always a lot of decisions to make in life, and sometimes we tend to wait for the “the perfect moment”. What I have figured is that sometimes it will come, and other times it will not. The times it doesn’t come that easily, fear might hold us back. In those moments you’ll have to decide if you want to fight back and overcome your fears. Make up your mind in those moments, and if you want to go for it: DO IT! It’s always been worth it for me.

Anyways, back to what I was talking about, haha! I’ve been curious about New York ever since I decided to go abroad to do an exchange in high school. I feel like New York has such a cool vibe with everything you can imagine: cafes, restaurants, parks, clubs, museums, music, food & art…. If you have any recommendations for what so ever, hit me up! I will appreciate every recommendation you might have. Thanks. Love love


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