So guys, it is time to write some more posts on this travel blog. I think i’ll start with sharing my next adventure. Sounds good? Yup? Well then, let’s gooo.

My next travel destination is Australia which I can’t really believe. I have decieded to travel to Australia on a work and holiday visa for¬†unknown time. I got a one way ticket to Melbourne the seventh of September and I have to say that I am super excited. I have no idea what I am doing, but I am so ready for some new adventures. I haven’t really done any preparations, and today I thought I should check the date/flight times and guess what? I can’t find my flight ticket from Bangkok to Melbourne anywhere on my mail and neither at my bravoflight account. It’s sunday and no chance of calling them. I hope there are no problems with my ticket.. Anyways. Australia is a huge country and there is so many places to see. So how to choose? I have decieded to start in Melbourne. I have heard good things about this city and I can’t wait to walk thru the artistic, vibrant streets. Then I want to travel to Sydney, Canberra and up the East Coast. I am so excited!

I haven’t done a lot of preparations.¬† I have my flight tickets, I have bought a visa and I have been reading about others experiences, and practical things I need to fix when I get there. Stuff like getting a sim, taxfile number and an Australian bank acount. Yay! I travel with about 5000 Australian dollars which I have saved up during the summer. This is the amount of money the government recommend you to bring on a work and travel visa.

I will for sure put up more pictures later on, and the blog will develop with time.. Until next time, sweeties


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