Graffiti lover

Well, here you goooo: Some more pictures from Copenhagen! The first couple ones are my favorites 4 sure. I get so excited whenever I see colorful walls or nice graffiti, and I love to take pictures in front of them! Haha! Can you imagine making the graffiti? People...

Favorite shots from Lisboa

I thought I would show you some of my favorite shots from Lisboa and write a little bit more about the city! Lisboa was such a beautiful city. I didn't feel like the distances were too big, which means you can walk lots of places and that's a huge plus! We walked a...

Last summer through a disposable camera

Okayyyy, best invention ever: Disposable camera! I love getting back the pictures I have taken over time, and see how it turned out. I always forget what I have taken pictures off, but I LOVE the suprise you get when you pick them up in the store. You get all the...

Missing this lifestyle

Bikinis, sunsets, the ocean, vegan food, salty & cruly hair, acai bowls, the beach, friends, roadtrips, and the sun.

My favorite portraits

I love these pictures. The colors, the expressions and the light in all of them. And ofcourse the people that are pictured! I took most of them years ago, but finally got to put them together somewhere. What do you think? Besos

Norsk sommer

Å flytt deg litt nærmare inn til meg på kjøkken trammen Den er så svinende kort den stunden vi mennesker er sammen Hans Børli


Cuba. Ett ord - Magisk! Menneskene, musikken, dansingen, gatene, drinkene, bilene... Cuba har alt jeg trenger. Folk er så glade, og overalt hvor du går er det bare good vibes. Jeg må tilbake asaaaap!

By the sea

I love the light I had yesterday when I took these pictures. The best time to take pictures for me is for sure at sunsets. The contrasts and colors are so beautiful (and so real) at that time! Anyways - if you are in Surfers Paradise, you got to try the delicious...

Melbourne strollin

Melbourne was such a cool city with lots of street art, cafès and vintage stores. I went there in September and captured a little bit with my camera. I love the bright colors and the graphics.

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