Four days in New York gave me a pretty good essence of the city so I thought; Why not do pros & cons of the city? There are definitely more pros than cons, but I’ll write cons too so you know what to expect when you visit! Get ready for fun times, lots of inspiration and things to see during your stay!

One of the things I really loved about NY was definitely all the fashion. You could see people everywhere with the most amazing outfits and looks. I really enjoyed to walk around and watch all the different looks. You’ll get tons of inspiration and you might want to fresh up your wardrobe during or after your stay. Haha! New York will for sure fill you up with inspiration on cloths, shoes and accessories… Urban, chic, fancy or sporty – You will see it all!

The city of dreams
Probably one of my favorite things about New York was that it’s the city of dreams. I loved when I got on the train from Connecticut in the morning and saw all the people dressed up for work or for a day in the city. A walk in Times Square with all the lights, Broadway, Wall street and Fifth Avenue all made me feel like I can do anything I ever dreamed about! NY is for sure the place to be if you have BIG dreams!

New York has amazing food options. SoHo was definitely a favorite of mine. Cute boutiques, restaurants and coffee shops everywhere you go. It’s a pleasure to walk around there if you are a food lover like me! If you are looking for cheaper options check out China town or Italy town.

Lots of neighborhoods & things to do
New York has something for everyone. You have China town, fancy neighborhoods, Italy town, vintage stores, high fashion, parks, skyline, museums, clubs and bridges. You can explore this city forever! Do not miss out tho on a walk in Central Park, The Brooklyn Bridge and The High Lines. Those are must do’s for a tourist.

Man, New York is busy! I guess it can be a pro & con depending on what you like. Cars honking their horns 24/7, homeless people begging for money while some guys are trying to sell you tickets for some kind of show. Be prepared for a lot of noise and lots of things going on at the same time!

The city is expensive. To eat out, transportation, accommodation and things in general are expesive. NY is one of the most expensive cities to visit in the US so be prepared that things are going to cost you some cashhh.

Lots of lots of traffic. But it’s like every other big city in the US I guess. Just a little bit more packed in NY. Taxis, pedestrians, bicycles and buses everywhere. Pay attention to where you go and stay focused while crossing a road!

Homeless people/
I was so surprised by how many homeless people there were in the city. I constantly saw homeless people around and it made me feel really sad. The difference between wealthy and not wealthy can easily be seen in the city of New York.

BUT, overall a really cool city with TONS of things to do. I only got to see Manhattan the days I was there, so you’ll need lots of time to see all the different parts of the city and really get to know every neighborhood and feel the vibe in each part. Anyways, have fun & enjoy your stay!



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