Want to make a good and tasty breakfast one day? Try to make banana oat pancakes! I started out just trying something random, then I read a couple of blogs and cooking books, picked up some tips and voilaaa – I made myself this recipe. They always turn out differently, depending on forexample how big the bananas are and how long the mix stays on the counter.

What you need:
Rice milk/soy/almond (whatever you prefer)
Oat meal
Coconut oil
Cardemom and/or cinnamon




Start with the bananas. I normally use 1 banana per person. Use a fork to squeze the bananas and then add 1 egg. Mixed it together. (So basically one egg and one banana per person)


It will look a little bit like this. The seeds I have added here is chia. I just add a random amount. I would say maybe about two spoons with chia seeds. I have also added some rice milk here (just try and you will figure out how much you like) Add cardemom or cinnamon as well. Half a tea spoon of each or both should do.

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Then I add the oats. The point is to not get a dry mix, but either a mix that is too wet. This is the hard part. You will quikly notice if you need to add more fluid or more oats. If you want to make it a little bit easier for yourself – add some flour! I use coconut oil in the pan when I fry them, but butter is also ofcourse amazing.


And voilaaa! There you go! Serve with jam, chocolat spread or peanut butter if you want! You can chop some nuts, have chocolate pieces inside or top them with fresh berries.

Have you tried this before?


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