I have a problem that bothers me. I keep writing these posts here on my blog about how to follow your dreams and how important it is that you do it. The problem is that I am to scared to do it myself. I am so terrified about this whole blog/instagram/social media thing, and to expose myself to the world. I keep getting these thoughts: That I am not good enough of a writer, and that there is no point of doing it. I mean – Why should I? What do I have that is special? Why would I inspire people?

I keep getting these thoughts some days, and other days are good and I feel excited and confident that what I am doing matters. Sometimes I feel stupid even trying, and other days I am just really happy about it. Maybe we all feel like that about things some days? I have always had a vibe about doing a blog, doing photo and writing, even videos. Creative work. I have always wanted to explore it, and I did more of it before when I was little. I used to do websites, photos and social media, but I decided to back out on it at a point. I just got enough. I felt like it was starting to be all about putting the right things, getting likes, showing off and not about using your creativity, to play around with ideas and to explore the internet. Well, I have figured that internet is the way to go in 2017. Haha, I am soooo old school!

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This blog really helps me getting more confident and more curious about everything in life. I get to use my creativity and it keeps my sunny, positive vibe going and I have a place where I hopefully can inspire, but also express my feelings and thoughts about life. It expands my perspective on life, it enriches my soul and it makes me feel like I can inspire!

The blog is still being developed, but I have decided to take the next step which is: To reach out to people! So HIII amigos, facebook friends, insta followers and random readers! Welcome to travelvibez! I really hope you will start to follow my blog and that I will make you want to click into travelvibez everyday to see if I have updated. Also follow me on social media if you want: My instagram is aidahaugland and my vsco is alohaaida

Iiiiiiiiiiiiik. I am excited!!!


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