Only a couple more days and 2017 will be over. The year has passed by so fast, and I can’t really believe that it’s time for 2018. I am SO excited! It’s always nice with a fresh start, a new number and 365 days that needs to be colored and filled with whatever you want. I always like to sit down and write some goals for the new year, think about what I want to achieve and go into myself and think about the things I want to improve and acknowlegde the things I am proud of.

2017, thank you for all the good memories, the people I’ve met, the people I have kept, the places I’ve seen and the love that I have felt. It’s been a blaaast. 2018, I am so excited and I can’t wait to see where this year is taking me! I wish you all the best in 2018 and I hope the year will be filled with love, laugh and postive vibes for all of you.

I have so much in mind for the blog this coming year, and I really hope you want to keep following me or start following me if this is the first time you visit travelvibez!

Happy new year, guuuuuys!
Love Aida


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