I am inspired to write about how you follow your dreams. Which in my mind is really important to feel free and happy. Right? So let’s do this. I hope you will find some real inspiration and start dreaming – BIG!

We all have passions and dreams about our lives and our future. Well, I havn’t asked everyone, but I am sure most of us have goals we want to achive. Right? Maybe it’s a dream about a better future, a dream about living on the beach or a dream about beeing a mom or finding true love. Or maybe something totally different. A dream about getting a job, better health or seeing your family more than you do. We all dream about something and it is amazing how we can create those dreams of ours to make them come true. I wish from the bottom of my heart that all people could have this freedom – to do whatever they wanted to and feel good about themself because they have the freedom to choose their own dreams, and their own life. Most of us are so lucky, because we can! I can choose my life, I can choose my carrier, the country I want to live in and what I want to accive in my life. How lucky am I?!
IMG_1667Someone once said “If your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough”and somehow I agree. Dreams can be so scary, but I am sure they will give you so much. They have given me so much. Don’t let them scare you too much, it has happen to me and it might be the only thing I really have regret during my 20 years on earth. I would say dreams are scary because it might be lifechanging and lead us in a magical direction and towards our purpose of life. We just have to follow them!
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So sit down – find some bright colors and a piece of paper and let your mind take you anywhere! Ask yourself – What am I dreaming of? What should be my focus the upcoming week or the next couple of months? Think, imagine and plan. Then when you have everything on the paper and in your mind – start working towards your goals whatever it might be. You can doooo it.

Big hugs from a cheesy dreamer


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