I love to travel, and I am sure you know that by now, but I just feel like the luckiest person that gets to do it. See it all with my own eyes and make memories for myself and with others. I love seeing all the different lifestyles, the uniqueness of a country, feel the different smells when I arrive somewhere new and walk in streets I’ve never walked before. I love learning about things, people, life and myself. I love how every experience makes me wiser, more humble, confident and grateful. My travels this year has meant so much to me: Each one of them as has special place. And with that being said, I thought it could be cool with a travel recap for 2018! Enjoy the pictures and get inspired! Maybe it’s time for you to book a trip somewhere yourself?


And that’s a wrap! I am so lucky and proud of all the things I have done this year and the last couple of years! But this upcoming year is going to be different then my last couple of years travelvise. Life is constantly changing, and our priorities also change like the seasons. I feel done traveling just to travel for now, and it’s time for me to start a new chapter. The time has come to start studying! Yay! I Remember telling my friends that I always wanted lots of years off after high school to travel, gain experience and have fun, and that’s excatly what I have done. Extremly excited tho, to get back to study again after 3 and a half years of no school. Finally feel like I know what kind of direction I am aiming for. Let’s see how it goes! Cheers!


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