I always get questions about what I am up to next. What’s the new adventure? The next trip? What’s your future plans? I used to get a little bit frustrated when I got these questions about my future. I felt like people where judging me, thinking I should get my shit together and start thinking about the future. But what I didn’t realize was that people do jugde, but the biggest judge of us all is ourself. We put up really high expectations to ourself and make life more complicated by doing so. After three “gap years” I feel more sure about my own choices in life, and other people’s reactions to what I do doesn’t affect me that much anymore. I have this inner voice that speaks up to me when I start doubting myself because other people are doubting me or maybe even themself. There will be good and bad days. On the bad ones you struggel hearing your inner voice, but on the good days the voice screams to you as loud as it can “Believe in your own voice!”. I find these moments absolutely amazing.

Anyways, I might actually have to share some plans or thoughts about my life or something like that now, right? I guess I should, haha! Well, I don’t have a certain plan. A stepped up path like I used to have. I don’t have any commitments, responsibilities or things I have to do anymore. After this year in Oslo, I have realized that I really want to see more, experience more. I want sun, beaches, flowers, tropical rainstroms, nature, light, laugh, people, surf, music. In other worlds I want to travel again, and my plan is to visit all (hopefully) places I am longing to see. Then by doing so I hope I can figure out if there is another place in the world I want to study or maybe even work for some years.

Right now is the time in Norway deadlines of universities are running out, and it scares me a little bit every year. This is the first time I havn’t applied for something, so it’s even more scary. Shit, man! Am I going to do thissss? STAY TUNED! There will be a travelplan: part two.

Wishing you all a beautiful day, big hugs Aida


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