Do you want to get inspired, check out these two youtube channels! If I need some motivation, some inspiration or a get away somewhere, I normally check out these youtubers to get my mood up. They are open, curious and reflected. They have beautiful videos, amazing messages and they just make me dream and inspire me to do..and to live!

First out is Ellen Fisher. She seems like such a cool and good hearted person. The videos she is making is normally located in Hawaii, which make really happy. Hawaii looks SO beautiful! She makes videos about veganism, the Hawaiian life style, her kids, the beauty of earth, recipes and food. Her videos always make me feel grateful about the earth and the nature. She makes me want to eat cleaner and care more about the enviroment. I love checking out her channel!

Cornelia Grimsmo is another channel you definitely should check out. Cornelia is norwegian like me, but makes her videos in english. Her videos can be everything from vegan recipes and travelling videos, to talks in front of the camera about happiness and life. She reminds me of all the things (small and big!) there is to be happy about, and she inspires me to always follow my dreams and don’t let fear take over.

Have you checked them out before? What do you think?


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