Traveling is one of my favorite things to do in the whole world for sure. It gives me so much and I have always loved it. But I have already talked to you about my passion for traveling and I have also written a post about why you should travel (Check it out here: So I am not really going to write about that today. BUT I thought why not do a post on what you should know before you start traveling! There are things you might not think about before you go, so it’s a good idea to check out these five points and keep them in mind when you start your adventures.

1. You will never be the same
You are probably going to change. Maybe the way you look, the way you dress, the way you think about life or your personality. Traveling definitely does something to you. And not in a bad way I would say, rather the other way. Something changes when you travel and even tho you will always be you, something inside you is most likely going to feel different.

2. You will probably have ups and down 
Be prepared for a bumpy ride. There will be ups and downs when you get back home. After seeing new locations, meeting new people, learning new things everyday you most likely will notice that things are pretty much the same when you get back and it might feel quiet and uninspiring right away. A down period will most likely get to you at some point. It definitely helps having something to get back to and get things going quickly after you arrive. It will fill up you time and make the transformation as smooth as possible.

3. You will probably want to book your next adventure ASAP
This is a problem! Haha! When you have started, then man, it’s impossible to stop. Beaches, food, drinks, new venues, freedom, good vibes and new destinations makes you want to go on forever. If only money wasn’t a problem I would probably travel full time. Haha! So much to experience in this beautiful world. I HIGHLY recommend spending some years after high school and just live, travel and spend all your money on experiences. If you are in the position to do so, of course. It’s a privilege that lots of people don’t have.

4. You will look at the world differently
You might change your point of view on religion, people, your existence, what happiness is and the list goes on… You are probably going to look at the world differently and it will follow you on in life. Not in a bad way, but it might be challenging. Like I, I have struggled to separate between doing small acts of love to the world and people and the fact that I can’t really help everyone own my own. There might be lots of things you want to do and change after you traveled, but don’t take too much on your shoulders. You will end up doing nothing because you don’t even know where to start. Start with the small acts and then let it develop from there!

5. You might loose track of where home is
Home, home, home. Where is home? For me home is definitely where I grew up, because it always makes me feel save and comfortable. But I have also have other places that I have been spending time and fallen in love with that makes me feel at home. I guess home often is a feeling and not a place, right? Anyways, try not to get to caught up in where it is if you feel like you lose track of yourself. Home can always be found inside you or with other people.

Okaaaay, and that’s a wrap. Hope this is useful and helped you prepare for your travels. Also want to let you know that I am going to try to post more regularly again. Been missing it! Have a happy monday, friends!


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