It’s weird how light turns into darkness, and sun turns into rain. In just one day, your mindset, your feelings and your thoughts confuses your mind and you end up in the clouds looking for the way back, or not back at all. Maybe you were already going somewhere, but you forgot or you changed your mind. Love, hope, disappointments, sadness, dreams: They all made you spin in circles on the sky, while you were trying to remember. While spinning all you could remember was the feeling of the sun kissing you lighty, making you feel at home. Connected to it all. Suddenly your not spinning anymore, and the clouds left you gently on the ground, giving you green grass beneath your feet and your mind calm and gentle. Darkness turns into light again, and the rain washed away every confusion you ever had. And then, you are, once again, left with only the feeling you will ever need: The feeling of home


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