Time to write a little bit more about the work & holiday visa in Australia. I have been writing about things to think about before going, but I thought it could be interesting to do a post about how to settle down over there. I am talking about all the practical things you need to fix when you arrive, like getting an Australian sim, getting a bank account, where to find an apartment and where to find a job etc. So are you planning to get a work & holiday visa? Keep reading!

Going to Australia I had a look at momondo to search for cheap flights. Going from Norway can be pretty expencive. Search for different dates, and if you find a company that has a good price, or convinient stop overs, go and check out their website. Use norwegian, and check out direct flights to Bangkok from Oslo. Then check out jetstar, or other companies that fly to Australia. Sometimes it can be cheaper to do separtate searches, and put your own flights together.

It’s a good idea to book a hostel before going. In that way you have place to go to when you arrive the country. I would recommend to book a week or two right away. Depending on which city and season you are going, it can be busy, and you might experience that lots of hostels are booked out during a weekend or before christmas forexample. Have a look at: hostelworld or booking.com

After some days or weeks exploring you might feel like it’s time to find work.
Here are some websites where you can look for jobs:

Print out CV’s and walk around and introduce yourself in the places you want to work. That’s the way I got a job in Surfers. You can aslo work for free acomendation at mulitiple hostels all around Aussie. Go and ask in the reception. This is a good way to save some money while looking for work.

You probabaly want to get yourself an Australian sim card when you arrive the country.  The big companies are: Optus, Vodaphone and Telestra. I had Optus, but I think all of them do prepaid plans. I paid 30 dollars I think, and I got unlimited calls and texts, and some free data + 5 or 10 min of international calls. You can refill every month online, or in store.

If you are going to work in Australia you will need to get a tax file number. You can do it yourself or pay a company to do it. Check out this link if you want someone to do it for you: https://taxfilenumberaustralia.com.au/

There is no problem getting a bank account if you have the work and holiday visa in Australia. In that way you can save money, purchase without having any fees and get your payment from work! The big companies are: ANZ, Westpac, N.A.B and Commonwealth. Bring ID, and the account will be made real quick!

NOW. You have a job, and you have fixed all the necessary things. It’s time to find a place to live! Check out this websites for apartments/flates:

You need to be a little bit patient to find a place you like! In Surfers you can get an amazing place for not a lot of money! The view on the pictures over here, is the view I had for about a month while I stayed with some friends in Surfers. Incredible, right?? Anyways, I payed 150 aus dollars in the apartment I lived in. This is about 1000 nok/a week. For 150 dollars I got a shared room (with one person) in an apartment in the heart of Surfers Paradise. I had about 5 min walk to the beach. It was so amazing!!!! Everything was included, also cleaning of the apartment and I had free entrance to a tennis court and a pool.

Hope this helped you a little bit on the road. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me! Check out Australia part one if you haven’t read it: Work & holiday Australia

Good luck!!!!



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