Dreaming of an adventure? Dreaming of beaches, parties, desert or big city life? Are you ready for a change and to take a risk? Buy yourself a work and holiday visa for Australia!!! I went last september and spent about three months before christmas, and then three months after christmas. It was such an important journey for me, and both times going was so different from each other. First time was stressing. I was confused about what I wanted the year to be like, where I wanted to stay, what kind of work I wanted and so on. I  learned so much about myself and I am so happy I did it! Anyways, the second time was so amazing. I knew where I wanted to go and I knew what I wanted to do. So to be clear, it can be a good idea to have some sort of plan before you leave. Want to be spontanious? Don’t worry, even tho you decide and plan some things ahead, you can still change, travel on and change your mind later on! I think it’s a good idea to ask yourself some questions when you start planning your year in Aussie. Have a look at the questions below and start planning your trip!


1. When do I want to go?
When you want to go is totally up to you! You feel like leaving asap, do it! Buy yourself a visa and a ticket, and you are ready to go. If you feel like waiting some months or you need to save money first. Take your time!

2. How much money do I want to bring and how much should I bring?
Also here it’s up to you. The Australian government recommends (and “requires”) that you bring 5000 AUS when you arrive the country. Well, first time I went I brought over 5000 AUS, the second time I came I had about 500 AUS! Haha! I would recommend to bring the 5000 dollars. With that amount of money you will have time to find yourself a job, travel around a little bit and not stress about not having money for food.

3. What do you I want the year to be like? What do I want to see, experience, try?
Do you want to live in another country to work and party? Or do you want to go on a journey to find yourself? Do you want to meet locals or international people? Think about what YOU want. Think about what you like, preferances you have and experiences you are searching for. Do research, seek out to people who has been doing work and holiday visas before and then decide where you want to start, and then go from there!

4. Where do I want to go?
Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth…Or maybe a smaller city. You decide where you want to start your adventure! But think about some things: What kind of climate do I want? Are you a beachbomb and want sunny and warm weather? Maybe you shouldn’t choose Melbourne in September like I did…Haha! Also think about what kind of work you are looking for. If you want farm work, maybe you need to go to the westcoast of Australia or north Queensland. Farm work in the different areas of Australia change with the season. There might be high demand of people in some areas during winter, and then after some months it changes and the demand goes down in that area. If you want a job in hospitality like a clothing store, resturant or cafe – think about season as well! September and during “spring” in general a lot of places will hire because summer is coming. The bigger the cities are, the easier it is for you to find work. But don’t worry smaller places have job offers as well.

5. What practical things do I have to do before leaving? 
So before leaving you need to think about what kind of vaccination you need (go to your closest vaccination center and ask them or search online), think about how you can get medicine if you need anything specific, and check if you have a credit card you can use abroad the first couple of weeks. You need to buy yourself a work and holiday visa, fix travel insurance and book flights and some nights at a hostel.



Alrightyyyy! I think that’s the main questions you should think about before leaving home. I will put some helpful links down below and you can check them out if you want:

For Norwegian/Scandinavian people – Check out this link if you don’t feel so sure about traveling alone. You can find lots of information about the work and holiday visa here. If you want you can always decide to travel with them and they can give you a smoother start on your trip!

Read about the visa and the requierments the Australian government has. This is the place you buy your visa as well.

… Check momondo.com for flight tickets and http://www.worldofwanderlust.com/ to get some inspiration about where to go.

I hope you got inspired, and that you feel a little bit more prepared. Ask me anything if you have any questions! Enjoy planning your next adventure!!!!
Big hug from me


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